What are the benefits of propolis? How to use Propolis?

What are the benefits of propolis, the most powerful antioxidant source in the world, you can find answers to our questions on how to use propolis in our news

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What is propolis?

Propolis is a sticky, resinous material. Honey collects from the different plants to protect the hive from external influences, from microorganisms and other harmful substances, and covers the propolis that they bring to their hives. Propolis, a resinous substance collected and accumulated from a wide variety of plant buds, leaves and hulls, is generally collected from beech, elm and coniferous trees. The bees use propolis to keep the inner walls of the hive neat, to close the mouths of the honeycombs and to prevent other creatures from entering.

Propolis has an antibiotic effect against fungi and bacteria in the case of the larvae. The compounds in the composition differ according to the species of plants in which propolis is harvested. The effect of propolis is due to the antioxidant-active components that the bees harvest from the plants.

The beekeepers collect the propolis after digging in the pouch. The propolis is then ready for use by some procedure. In the composition of flavonoids, a significant part of the content of propolis is composed of phenolic acids, polyphenols and their esters, steroids, terpenes, vitamins B1, B2, C and E, minerals and aminoacids.

Propolis storage conditions

You can keep it at room temperature. Propolis does not lose its nutritional value and properties for 18 months.

How to use propolis

Use of propolis in dust

If desired, propolis powder can be taken by adding direct honey or yoghurt.

Propolis syrup

Propolis syrup can be obtained by mixing 75 grams of honey, 5 grams of propolis extract and 20 grams of warm water.

Propolis pollen honey mixture

1 kg of honey, 200 grams of forged pollen, 200 grams of bee milk, 50 grams of propolis extract can be used anytime by adding the extract.

With this blend, an elixir can be prepared that adds energy and youth to life, if it is necessary to protect against colds and infectious diseases.

Especially when the problematic areas on the skin (burns, warts, wounds, acne, inflammation etc.) are first contacted with propolis after spreading through the fingers, 4 times faster recovery than the strongest ointments is observed.

10 grams of pollen (two sweet spices), 2 grams of propolis (wiped sweet spice), warm water-milk mixture is added to some honey if desired, and if consumed slowly, it is fatigue, headache, stress and tension. Provides therapy against pain and whining from the disease and injuries.

Its use as a warm fluid is good for oral problems and digestive system disorders.

Give the children as much blend as possible.

The pure state of the propolis or the powdery state may not be enjoyed by children. As much as possible, we can mix it in honey, and more blends can be made to your liking. E.g; We add yogh molasses mixed propolis.

Benefits of propolis

  1. It has been found that it has antibiotic effect up to 100 kata.
  2. It has natural antibiotic properties.
  3. It prevents infections.
  4. Supports tossing toxins from the body
  5. It makes the skin beautiful and destroys the pussy.
  6. It is effective against ulcers and gastritis.
  7. It is 4 times more effective in healing open and closed wounds.
  8. Tissue renews.
  9. When consumed together with other bee products, the human life is extended.
  10. Asthma, lung disease, the effect is quite excessive.
  11. Respiratory infections; Effective treatment against chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis.
  12. It is effective against colds, nose and nose inflammation diseases.
  13. There is supportive character in the treatment of prostate disease
  14. Inflammation of the gums is effective in the mouth and laryngeal infections.
  15. Helps to whiten teeth.
  16. It's good for psoriasis.
  17. Reduces skin infections.
  18. It is effective against ear infections. (Internal ear-external ear infections, acute ear disorders)
  19. The digestive system removes the discomfort. (Intestinal parasites, stomach inflammation ...)
  20. It regulates the immune system disorders.

Propolis side effects (losses)

Notwithstanding the absence of any adverse side effects, it is not recommended to use them over the above mentioned doses.

We recommend that people who are allergic to bee products or those who use medicines do not use it without consulting their Doctors.

It is recommended not to use honey products especially for children under 2 years old.

Get well soon…